• Tab 1 - Our Year

    Tab1Gospel Folio Press feels privileged to be a part of distributing quality Christian material to North America and the world. 2014 saw the publishing of over 15 titles, including a handful of reprints. A number of new titles have also been released in 2015:

    Women of the Bible
    Opened Treasures (reprint)
    The God of Glory
    To Be Like Jesus


    Feel free to browse our online catalogue (updated quarterly) to see a list of new arrivals. 2014 also saw significant updates to our online webstore in order to serve our customers better. Browse...

  • Tab 2 - Choice Book

    Tab2 Several years ago, GFP began a program for individual Christians to build a solid library for personal study and encouragement. We also wanted to make additional copies available for sharing with fellow believers at a reduced cost. Club members have told us how the extra books were used: small group Bible studies, building their church library, and personal encouragement of young believers.

    Because of the Choice Book Club’s proven ministry, we are offering new memberships. Now you can have the privilege of receiving quality books monthly to enjoy and to encourage others in their Christian life. For a small investment each month you can reap eternal dividends.

    To find out more about GFP's book club, email

  • Tab 3 - Outreach

    Tab3Along with our other products and services to the Christian community, Gospel Folio Press has established a Division called the GFP Charitable Donation Fund which handles all donations made to missionaries, ministries, and new churches throughout the world. In recent years the total for donations made has reached over $650,000.00 worth of product.


    Read more about Gospel Folio Press Ministries Donation fund here.

  • Tab 4 - Web Store

    This Daniel ReprintIf It Wasnt For Lighthouse B 1564Gospel Folio Press desires to provide those seeking dependable Bible teaching one source for a wide variety of carefully selected, quality Christian resources, using effective and honorable means to lift up the Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour.


    Our webstore contains over 7,000 book titles sold at GFP. They are organized to help serve our customers better. Here are a few of our departments:

    Bibles (ESV, KJV, NASB, NKJV, NIV, and more)
    Bible Study Resources
    Choice Gleanings
    Gospel Tracts
    New Gospel Folio Press Titles
    William MacDonald

  • Tab 5 - Choice Gleanings

    Choice GleaningsEvery morning as believers around the globe lift up their hearts to God as they begin their day, a common resource for that activity will be the Choice Gleanings devotional calendar.

    In 1922 William J. Pell began Gospel Folio Press. Becoming exercised about producing a daily devotional calendar, Choice Gleanings was launched in 1940 and was an immediate success. Within a few years Gospel Folio Press found itself producing 40,000 calendars annually. Material for the calendars was gleaned from books, originally, but over time the calendar included more original writing than 'gleanings.' Today almost sixty writers from around the world contribute meditations to the Choice Gleanings calendar.


    2015 marks 75 years of publishing and distributing the Choice Gleanings calendar!

Sign up Choice Gleanings 2015 Line upon Line Modula bible lessons

Gospel Folio Press Ministries - Distributor of Quality Christian Books


John 3: 16 was the verse that William J. Pell began with when he started printing on a hand press in his mother's parlor in 1920. This was the humble beginning of Gospel Folio Press Ministries.

Will Pell began to print the monthly gospel paper, Words of Peace. Assuming he would never print literature with more than one fold (a "folio" is a piece of paper folded once), Pell named his company Gospel Folio Press.

choice gleanings

In 1939, Will was compelled to create a daily devotional calendar. The calendar (initially called The Remembrancer) launched in 1940. Choice Gleanings soon became a popular daily meditation for many Christians. Today Gospel Folio Press distributes more than 60,000 calendars world wide annually. The 2015 calendar marks 75 years of publishing and distributing Choice Gleanings.

Sunday school material

Around 1925, Gospel Folio Press began printing Sunday School papers. In 1995-1998, with the input of Sunday School teachers and Superintendents, the curriculum was revised and updated. The Line Upon Line Modular Bible Lessons are intended to be able to teach all ages the whole Bible in a clear, concise, and consecutive manner. Gospel Folio Press's Sunday School material is a great resource for Sunday School teachers, Bible study groups, and anyone else wanting to gain a comprehensive knowledge of God's word.

Gospel Folio Press started printing gospel literature in 1923 and continues to print and distribute gospel tracts. In 1997 we designed a small yet attractive folded Just a Minute tract which - appropriately - only takes a minute to read.

To Be Like Jesus

Gospel Folio Press continues to distribute gospel tracts along with Christian books, Bibles, commentaries, Sunday School material, hymn books and daily devotionals. We also publish 10-20 new book titles each year.

Whether this is your first visit to our site or you've been here before, we hope you find the resources offered to be a help to your spiritual life. We believe the Bible to be the Word of God and heaven's treasure house of knowledge, including "every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies in Christ" (Ephesians 1:3). When we open the Scriptures, heaven opens to us; we are able to look right into the heart and mind of God.

The teachings of God's Word are neither ancient nor modern. They are both timeless and timely, sufficient for men and women of God to be "thoroughly furnished to every good work" (2 Timothy 3:17). It is our desire to provide carefully selected quality Christian books to our customers for their growth and encouragement.

Have a blessed day!

Sam Cairns
Gospel Folio Press



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