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Bible & Ethics, The
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Book cover Bible & Ethics, The
Category: Bible Studies
Pages: 206
Price: 20.99
N° Catalog: B-2322
Location name: Ontario, Canada
Year: 2011
Note: Myrtlefield Trust 2011
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The chapters in this book first appeared as articles between 1993 and 1995 in Uchitelskaya Gazeta, a newspaper for teachers in the former Soviet Union. They were written to present a survey of some of the leading historical events and people, ideas, poetry, moral values and ethics of both the Old and New Testaments.

Each chapter includes suggestions as to how the moral and spiritual implications of this material can be made relevant to students, whether in a Bible class, home group, or in their individual reading. They will also prove useful for parents who may need to respond to ethical questions that arise in family discussions.

The complete text of this book, and others by Professors Gooding and Lennox can be found on the Key Bible Concepts web site. All are available in English, and some in Chinese, Malay, and Vietnamese. They may be downloaded free of charge.


Publisher:   Myrtlefield Trust 2011
Binding:   Spiral Bound Paperback
Weight lbs:   1.0
size-inches:   8.5x11.0
Pages:   206
Author:   Lennox John C.
Gooding, David W



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