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No Turning Back
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Book cover No Turning Back
Category: Christian Living
Pages: 110
Price: 9.99
ISBN: 9781897117224
N° Catalog: B-7221
Location name: Ontario, Canada
Year: 2006
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No Turning Back
by E.A. Johnston

The road to discipleship is a narrow one few follow, yet this is the road where Jesus is. If we are to be true disciples in following Him, we then must realign our lives and readjust our steps as we move upon that pathway where He leads. The road is not easy. The path is often challenging and hard. But the rewards are everlasting! 

In No Turning Back, the author takes us on a road which leaves the mundane path of serving-self and introduces us to a selfless journey of following Christ. Once we begin this adventure and follow in the footsteps of the Master, there is NO TURNING BACK.

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Title: No Turning Back
Book Size: 5.5x8.5"
Binding: Paper
Category: Christian Living
Page Count: 110
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press
Weight: .25 lbs
Author: Johnston, E.A.
ISBN: 1897117221
UPC: 9781897117224


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