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Philippians: The Mind of Christ
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Book cover Philippians: The Mind of Christ
Category: Commentaries
Price: 15.99
ISBN: 9781897117217
N° Catalog: B-7213
Location name: Ontario, Canada
Year: 2006
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In recent times Norman Mellish has had a desire to put into writing some of the precious things that the Lord has revealed to him. Much of what he has gleaned is from the faithful ministry of good men who sought to instruct him in divine things, and he is very thankful for those who have left a written ministry. He feels that the truth of Philippians is sadly neglected in practice as we move one with another, and if any book would be a means of glorifying the Lord we love it is by putting the truth of Philippians into practice. It is the highest truth in the new testament, that is to be like Christ and to be conformed to His image. He trusts that the Lord will use it to bring honour to Him.

Title: Philippians The Mind of Christ
Book Size: 5.5x8.5"
Binding: Paperback
Category: Bible Study/Commentary
Weight: 0.75 lb
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press 
ISBN-13: 9781897117217
ISBN: 1897117213

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