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Seven Words of Life
The Saviour's Living Words
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Book cover Seven Words of Life
Category: Devotional
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Seven Words of Life
The Saviour's Living Words

By: Dr. Malcolm White

"I AM the bread of life."
"I AM the light of the world."
"I AM the door."
"I AM the good shepherd."
"I AM the way, the truth and the life."
"I AM the resurrection and the life."
"I AM the vine."


While He was on the earth the Lord Jesus made seven statements about Himself. These seven declarations during His life help us to better understand who He is. Seven, the number of perfection, teaches us that Jesus' life on the earth was perfect and completely satisfied His Father.

Words are always important. That is why the "I AM" statements made by the Lord Jesus as He walked upon the earth deserve closer attention. In these seven statements we see the real purpose of Jesus' life. His role is clearly defined in what He says. His statements are significant because in them we can better understand His love for us and relationship with us.

Solomon reminds us that God has set eternity in our hearts, and in these sayings of Jesus we are lifted from time into eternity where we see the heart of God.

In the Gospel of John, Jesus described Himself seven times as the great "I am". In this book we will look at each of the seven "I am" sayings found in the Gospel of John. Discovering a little bit more about who Jesus says He is.

Isbn-13:   9781926765631
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Author:   White, Dr. Malcolm
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