SET – Triumph Trilogy (3 Fraser Books)

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Grandeur of Golgotha, The: Volume One of the Triumph Trilogy

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Glory of His Rising, The: Volume Two of the Triumph Trilogy

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Gladness of His Return, The: Volume Three of the Triumph Trilogy

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Great value! Save $6.98 when you buy the 3 book set!
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Join the author in dealing with three basic Christian doctrines.

The Grandeur of Golgotha (Volume 1)
If we sense that our devotion to Christ is not as it should be, we can rediscover our first love for Him where we loved Him first – at Calvary. A vast array of treasures come to us from the cross of Christ – the only hope for life and death.
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ISBN: 9781882701650

The Glory of His Rising (Volume 2)
Volume 2 of the Triumph Trilogy gives Old Testament pictures of Christ’s resurrection then follows this teaching through the New Testament writers.
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ISBN: 9781882701674

The Gladness of His Return (Volume 3)
The third volume in the series looks at Christ’s return through Old and New Testament texts, in the Gospels, and the Epistles. Purify your personal life, be motivated in evangelism, and experience joy as we await His coming again.
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ISBN: 9781882701681