Lord’s Day, October 1, 2017

DAILY READINGS: 2 Kings 1:1-18; Jeremiah 34:1-22; Hebrews 5:11-6:20

O come, let us sing unto the Lord: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation. Psalm 95:1

Haydn, the great composer, was once asked why his church music was so cheerful. “When I think upon God,” he replied, “my heart is so full of joy the notes dance and leap from my pen.” David, when occupied with the Lord, had the same joyful and exciting experience. Let us think upon our beloved Lord today, and with Haydn and the Psalmist be joyful people of God. —Arnot P. McIntee

Lord Jesus, the crucified, how Thou art mine;
Though once a lost sinner, yet now I am Thine;
In conscious salvation I sing of His grace,
Who lifts now upon me the smile of His face. —F. Bottome