Thursday, February 1, 2018

DAILY?READINGS: Gen. 39:1-23; Psalm 17:1-15; Matt. 22:15-46

For we must needs die. 2 Samuel 14:14

Following victories in battle, Roman generals were given victory triumphs. During these parades, as they basked in the adulation of the crowds, the generals were accompanied by slaves ordered to remind them that they too were mortal by whispering in their ears the words, “Memento mori”—“Remember that you must die.” The Lord told the parable of the successful farmer who wanted to build bigger barns. It never happened because he died suddenly. We should remember our own mortality and use what time we have left to get right with God and live for Him while we can. —Brian Powlesland

Time is earnest, passing by: death is earnest drawing nigh.
Sinner, with thou trifling be? Time and death appeal to thee. —S. Dyer