August 10

DAILY READINGS: 1 Sam. 17:1-31; Isaiah 56:9-57:21; Romans 3:1-31

Rejoice with me; for I have found my sheep which was lost. Luke 15:6, KJV

Many years ago in a humble Irish cottage, John Darby sat at the bedside of a dying shepherd boy. With a prayer to God for guidance, he asked the lad how he had acquired the cough. “Aye, sir,” he said, “it was about a year ago. I went out into a cold stormy night to search for my father’s lost sheep and didn’t stop till I found it. The poor creature was tired and helpless so I just carried it home on my shoulders.” Mr. Darby then had the perfect message, the gospel story of the lost sheep in Luke 15. The boy drank it in and found safe passage Home in the arms of the Good Shepherd. —E. MacLelland

Jesus my Shepherd is; ’twas He that loved my soul, ‘Twas He that
cleansed me with His blood, ‘Twas He that made me whole. —H. Bonar

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