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Author: Campbell, Ross MD
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Audio Book on CD – Parenting Your Adult Child: How You Can Help Them Achieve Their Full Potential
By: Gary Chapman & Ross Campbell

Parenting doesn’t end at 18. Has your nest not emptied? Has your adult child made lifestyle choices you don’t agree with? Has becoming an in-law made you consider becoming an outlaw? Many parents today answer an exasperating “yes” to these and many other questions that describe the frustration encountered between them and their adult children. Parenting no longer ends at 18, yet very few resources are available to help parents better communicate with their child who is no longer a child.

Ross Campbell and Gary Chapman, authors of The Five Love Languages of Children, have teamed up again to bring us another tool for parenting. They will help you deal with such issues as:
¥ Helping Your Child Find Success
¥ Dealing with the Anger
¥ When Adult Children Return with their Children
¥ Religious Choices
¥ Positive Parental Love

You can survive this stage in your life. And with the excellent advice from Drs. Campbell and Chapman you can even enjoy it.

ISBN-13: 978-1881273899
ISBN-10: 188127389X
Format: Compact Disc
Publisher: Northfield (1999)


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