SET – At His Feet / At His Table / In His Hands / On His Heart


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At His Feet: Lessons Learned from the Master

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At His Table: Lessons Learned from the Master

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In His Hands: A Memorial to God's Faithfulness

This book stirs our memories to remember those times in our own lives when we knew we were In His Hands and it was the only place to be.

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On His Heart: Our High Priest's Loving Care

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Author: Beckon, Madge
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Enjoy this four-volume set by Madge Beckon, and discover the many ways God provided, protected, and planned for her life as a missionary in Japan.

At His Feet
Where would you go when you infant daughter lay seriously ill in a land where you didn’t know a word of the language? Or when your town was surrounded by Communists ready to move in? Or when you sat by your dying husband, his body wracked with pain? Where would you go when your spirit longed to know God as one knows a bosom friend? Or when your heart was so full of gratitude it was nearly bursting? To His feet of course: the feet where Mary sat; the feet that once were nailed to a cross; where every knee shall bow.
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At His Table
Madge Beckon takes us on a journey through her life to share with us a collection of thoughts gleaned from her experiences shared during a meal, fellowship, or when working together. We learn from our parents, friends, peers, mentors and Christian leaders, and a great quantity of what we learn is taught informally, such as around a kitchen table. We are taken to peek in on the gatherings in many table scenes throughout scripture, and Madge Beckon imagines some of the advice and help shared. Whenever the Lord is present and invited to be the host, that table becomes His. It is a privilege to feast at His table and to share His blessed hope with others at our tables, and what a joy it will be to feast in the presence of the Lord when He returns.
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ISBN: 9781882701988

In His Hands
Where else would you want to be than in the Hands that uphold the universe? The Hands with the nail prints that speak peace to your soul? In an engaging series of simple yet profound essays, the author lets us in on her own personal experiences that call our hearts to trust such a faithful God.
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ISBN: 9781882701278

On His Heart
It is natural that the third book in this trilogy from the pen of Madge Beckon should take us to the heart of things. For the heart of the universe is the heart of God, and His love was unveiled in the love of the Saviour. But the One who died for us two thousand years ago also lives for us today. As our Great High Priest, He is watching over us, providing for us, and praying us home every step of the way. We are always On His Heart. This collection of short essays warms our own hearts as we see the wonderful ways of the Lord at work in our lives.
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ISBN: 9781882701599


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