February 9

DAILY READINGS: Gen. 47:28-48:22; Psalms 26:1-27:14; Matt. 26:57-75

And the nations of them that are saved shall walk in the light of it [heaven’s capital city]. Revelation 21:24, KJV

Here we find, in words exceptionally simple, the sole qualification for a human being to be allowed into heaven. No mention here of religion, church, sect, creed, denomination, baptism, confession, good works, charity, philanthropy, character, reputation, name, occupation, or lifestyle. Simply, “saved.” Friend, are you saved? If your answer is “No,” don’t count on being in heaven. But if you, a lost and guilty sinner, accept Christ’s sacrificial work on the cross as having been finished for you, the Bible says you will be “saved” (Acts 16:31-32). —J. Lindsay Parks

Believe it, O sinner, believe it! Receive the glad message—it’s true;
Trust now in the crucified Saviour, salvation He offers to you.
—Samuel M. Sayford

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Genesis 47:28-48:22; Psalms 26:1-27:14; Matthew 26:57-75

In the beginning God. Genesis 1:1

Towards the end of his life the renowned atheist, Professor Anthony Flew wrote: “I have followed the argument where it has led me. And it has led me to accept the existence of a self-existent, immutable, immaterial, omnipotent and omniscient Being” (from his book, “There is A God”). He is clearly describing the God of the Bible and calls his conclusion, the result of “a pilgrimage of reason”. Logic dictates the reality of God and that truth gives us significance as people and ultimate meaning. We are so thankful for the fact that God is and that He has revealed Himself in the person of His Son. —Paul Young

God who made the earth, the air, the sky, the sea,
Who gave the light its birth, careth for me. —Sarah B. Rhodes