God’s Love For You is Revolutionary

“But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions—it is by grace you have been saved.”  – Ephesians 2:4-5

God’s love is revolutionary. Jesus said, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” (Matthew 5:44).

The world tells us to love those who love us and hate those who hate us. But, this is not how God works.

Jesus told us to love our enemies. He could command this because He died for His enemies. We were dead in transgressions, and yet God still loved us with a great love and made us alive!

Do you love your enemies like Christ loved us? Turn the world upside-down and love your neighbours like Christ.

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Are You Spreading God’s Love?

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” – John 13:34

We have looked at different aspects of God’s love over the month of February. God’s love is great. God’s love is unwavering. God’s love is revolutionary.

Jesus commands us to love one another as He has loved us. We talked about the great act of love displayed on the cross of Calvary. Are you willing to die for your brothers and sisters?

The world is hard for a Christian. Let’s make sure that when we gather together as Christians we provide a safe place where we know we will find God’s love manifested in a practical way through our brothers and sisters.

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God’s Love For You is Unwavering

“I the LORD do not change.” – Malachi 3:6a

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is the day that you celebrate with your loved ones. Let’s also take a few minutes to thank God for His amazing love for each one of us!

God’s love is so much more unique than the love we see portrayed in our world. Love in our world is seen as a physical relationship that can come and go based on feelings.

But, God’s love is very different. God’s love is unwavering because God is unchanging. We can be confident in our hope of eternal life because God’s love never changes. There is nothing you can do or say to change God’s love for you.

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God’s Love For You in Salvation

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends” – John 15:13

On February 14th, we will celebrate Valentine’s Day. In our culture, Valentine’s Day represents love and this is shown through boxes of chocolates and roses.

This month, we at Gospel Folio Press want to focus on God’s love. God’s love is not shown through chocolates and roses, but through action.

In fact, God’s love was best seen on the cross at Calvary. Paul, in Ephesians, tells us that God made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in sins. Why would God do that? God gave up His own Son because of his great love for us.

God’s love is magnified by our transgressions. When one of our loved ones hurts us, we sometimes withhold our love. But, God saw our transgressions and he still loved us!

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Halloween: Opportunity Knocks

Halloween Steps to Peace with God

Every year in North America on October 31, complete strangers come knocking at your door.  Instead of trying to sell you something, they are asking you for something and will receive whatever you hand out to them.  There’s no question that Christians are divided as to whether or not to celebrate Halloween.  This often comes down to personal conviction.  Each person needs to decide before the Lord about how to participate, if at all.

Even if you do not want to dress up or go trick-or-treating, you can still use this opportunity for evangelism.  There are many gospel tracts available for Halloween that are fun and kid-friendly while having a clear message about how to be saved from sin.  They talk about the need for a Savior and how a child can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

If you are hesitant about handing out a tract, a great option is to include a tract inside a small ziploc bag of candy.  This way the tract will not end up on the ground and can be found later when the child is going through her loot. She will come across the tract and perhaps read it or save it for later.

This opportunity only comes knocking once a year.  We have a good selection of Halloween tracts and would love to help you reach out to kids this Halloween.  You can browse our tract selection on our webstore: Halloween Tracts

Book Review: Precious Seed 70th Anniversary Edition

Precious Seed 70th Anniversary Edition of Volume 1Precious Seed 70th Anniversary Edition

“This well presented book incorporates scanned copies of the Precious Seed Magazines from their inception in September 1945 to the May-June 1948 issue. It is attractively bound and the front cover is a copy of the 1945 original, meticulously reproduced in colour by artist Katie Piper (nee Smith).

The names of committee members and contributors will no doubt stir many memories for older readers who remember the ministry of men such as W. E. Vine, W. Trew and J. M. Davies. The Readers’ Questions in each issue are answered by E. W. Rogers, with many most appropriate to the present day. The reports of Gospel Work are particularly interesting. The numbers attending tent meetings and other outreach work are at times quite staggering, when compared with the relatively few who show any interest in the gospel in our day, despite genuine effort and prayerful concern on the part of many believers. A further point of interest to note is the number of assemblies mentioned, and apparently thriving, just seventy years ago, but which are now no longer in existence or greatly reduced numerically.

The March-April 1947 issue highlights the decline of sound biblical teaching in schools. To seek in some way to address this problem, a magazine page was dedicated to teaching for children. The trustees enlisted the help of two public school teachers to undertake this responsibility. With teaching for younger children and those through teenage years, this has developed into the Young Precious Seed published in the current magazines.

The articles reproduced cover a wide range of teaching from both Old and New Testaments, remaining consistently faithful to the stated purpose of Precious Seed as being to encourage the study of the scriptures, the practice of New Testament church principles and interest in gospel work.

Whether reading through or just ‘dipping in’, this book is far more than a window on a bygone age, more an encouragement to all believers that we have before us in our day an open door.”

~ This book review was originally published in Precious Seed (2016, Vol. 71, Issue 3), written by John Scarsbrook.

Book Excerpt: Wisdom For Fools

FB Wisdom of Fools Quote 1

PROVERBS 3:5-6: The Well-Worn Proverb

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. NKJV

  Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.    KJV

O precious, simple proverb! How many have committed you to memory! How many have hung on to you when life has thrown its curve balls? Learned at a young age by many, this proverb has been a faithful guide for Christians throughout their lives. Let us ponder it again to gain something anew.

This proverb consists of two parts. The first part has to do with our trust (Prov. 3:5). To trust in the Lord with all your heart is the positive side of this truth; to not trust, or to not lean, on your own understanding expresses it negatively. Sometimes we are asked to trust in situations that do not make sense to us. Why would God give a married couple the desire to have children and then physically hinder them from having any? We don’t know. Why would God lead us along a career path, taking all the necessary steps to qualify for it, only to take away our health, preventing us from fulfilling the job He has prepared us for? Again, we don’t know. Again, why would God allow leading pastors and gifted teachers to be called away from a struggling assembly, or to be imprisoned or put to death at a time when their families and churches urgently need them? We are at a loss to explain it. But this is when Proverbs 3:5-6 becomes most precious to us.

The second part of this proverb has to do with our paths. If we acknowledge Him in all our ways, then He will direct us in all our paths. If you include Him in the dating and courtship process of your relationship, then He will direct you in the marital part. Conversely, if you leave Him out of the dating/courtship process, if you ignore His counsel and neglect to pray or to ask Him for His guidance, then your paths will not be smooth (as another translation puts it). On the contrary, your paths will be very bumpy and rough.

God never tries to hurt us but only to bless us. If we include Him in our decision making, taking His counsel into consideration first, if we lean not on our own understanding, trusting with all our heart like little children, then He will direct our paths and make them smooth.

~ From Shane Johnson’s Wisdom for Fools: 101 Proverbs to Live By, Chapter 6, pg. 28.

Wisdom for Fools 101 Proverbs to Live By

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Book Review: Aletheia Adventure Series – The Rescue of Timmy Trial (Book 1)

Rescue of Timmy Trial (Aletheia Adventure Book 1) - childrenAletheia Adventure Series – The Rescue of Timmy Trial (Book 1)
By: E. M. Wilkie

“The aim of this first book in the Aletheia Adventure Series is stated in the Preface as being “an attempt to help and encourage young readers to develop an understanding of the truth contained in the Word of God”.

The story is set in the city of Aletheia, in the mysterious land of Err.

There is a full page detailed map of the city of Aletheia with names such as Redemption Square, Good Shepherd Primary School, Pray Always Farmlands and Run-the-Race Retirement Home.

In the land of Err there are similar names with spiritual significance in their meanings such as: Inner-self Improvement Centre, Know-it-all, Angerton, Mockton and Other-gods Conference Centre.

The reader is introduced to Jack Merryweather “an ordinary boy to whom extraordinary things never happened”. Little did he think that this was about to change. Since the story is presented in an allegorical way, the individuals in Jack’s class at school have names such as Marigold Goody who “never did anything wrong”.

The adventure really begins with Jack encountering Timmy Trial who is the school bully. They enter the farm sheds belonging to Jack’s Grandad and are transported into a mysterious land “the farm sheds were gone; there was a strange road ahead; an unknown city loomed large close by”.

The purpose of their unexpected journey is revealed when Timmy is told by an inhabitant of the city “there’s plenty that we can teach you during your time with us to help you understand what it means to become a Christian”.

The two boys are joined by Henrietta Wallop and her two brothers, but Timmy has had enough and slips away “a lone figure walking south down Apathy Road”.

An exciting adventure begins as the four children set out to rescue Timmy in the land of Err. Will they be kept safe from the dangerous Snares in the dark forest? Will they ever find Timmy? You will need to read the book to find out.

There are numerous illustrations throughout the narrative as well as a helpful list of Bible references included at the end of this imaginative book filled with valuable spiritual lessons.”

~ This book review was originally published on in Believer’s Magazine, February 2014, by A Cameron.

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Book Review: Passing the Torch

Passing The Torch Mentoring the Next Generation for ChristPassing the Torch: Mentoring the Next Generation For Christ
By: Warren Henderson

“Subtitled Mentoring the Next Generation for Christ, the subject of this book is clear although the word mentoring may be less familiar to UK readers. It focuses on the importance of what Paul wrote to Timothy long ago about “teaching others also” (2 Tim 2.2), and it does this very well indeed.

The first chapter uses the familiar Olympic torch idea: “passing the torch” means to transfer responsibility to someone else. Every Christian is to be a beacon of truth during their lifetime, and all are also called to pass the torch to the next generation. But “how does one motivate younger believers, especially our own children, to catch the vision and be sold out for Christ?”

The latter half of the book tackles this question in a clear, inspiring and very readable way. Stimulating younger people, especially teenagers, Bible study and resources to help, training in godliness, and participation in all assembly activities are each described with good examples given. Responsibilities of both the mentor and the mentee (unusual word? but you get its meaning!) are well set out: for the mentor – be available, be willing, be accountable, be an example; the case of Elisha with Elijah is used to make some excellent points for the mentee to heed.

The earlier half of the book describes in some detail what is to be passed on, and why. In its own right this is worth reading and heeding, very relevant to the needs of assemblies today, totally Scriptural, absolutely clear, and a good reminder to us all. Here are some subheadings: divine truth is immutable; grace and truth are inseparable; meeting with believers is essential. The church has a threefold ministry: exaltation of the Lord, edification of believers, evangelism of the lost. A chapter called “A Pattern to Follow” describes both the expression and the distortion of salient NT truths such as – Christ the Head of the church; unity of all believers; priesthood of all believers; plurality of leadership; sanctity of the genders; the great commission.

Near the end of this highly recommended book is a challenge: “The church needs … those with ability and discernment to shun the limelight in order to invest time with those who need to learn sound doctrine, and to become aware of their calling in Christ”.”

~ This book review was originally published on in Believer’s Magazine, February 2015, by RC.

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Book Excerpt: Limiting Omnipotence Forward

FB Limiting Omniopotence Quote 1

Thomas Newberry translates 1 Timothy 1:11 in his marginal notes this way “according to the glorious gospel of the blessed God…” The character of the gospel and the character of God cannot be separated. What is true of one is true of the other. It is precisely this theme that David Dunlap takes up with clarity and fullness.

There has been sloppy and dangerous thinking among popular evangelicals when it comes to the truth of the gospel and the character of our God. Relying heavily on some of the thinking of spiritual giants of the past, there has been a failure to compare what they said and what God said. The result has been we have moved to “another gospel” (Gal. 1:6). This “other” gospel has weakened our witness and robbed us of power.

We have lost the vision of the limitless nature of God’s grace and mercy, the boundless character of His love, the wideness of His invitation, His generosity, His unrestrained, even prodigal heart that throws open the doors of heaven to, as the old hymn put it, “that grand word ‘whosoever.’”

Quotations of popular modern day evangelicals together with worthies of the past are faithful. That is they are fair representations of what the author intended to say and no open-minded reader will be able to charge the writer with taking these out of context. David also freely acknowledges that many other things said and written by these well known men are faithful to the Scriptures. It is their errors and its implications he takes issue with.

Everyone interested in communicating the gospel will benefit from reading this book. Each chapter will require thinking. This is not a work for the careless. The abundance of Scripture references enables all of us to be “Bereans” in our reading. The author welcomes that. This will cure us from Limiting Omnipotence.

~ From the Forward by Brian Gunning (Pg. 11-12, Limiting Omnipotence) 

Limiting Omnipotence (Consequences of Calvinism) REVISED

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