Halloween: Opportunity Knocks

Halloween Steps to Peace with God

Every year in North America on October 31, complete strangers come knocking at your door.  Instead of trying to sell you something, they are asking you for something and will receive whatever you hand out to them.  There’s no question that Christians are divided as to whether or not to celebrate Halloween.  This often comes down to personal conviction.  Each person needs to decide before the Lord about how to participate, if at all.

Even if you do not want to dress up or go trick-or-treating, you can still use this opportunity for evangelism.  There are many gospel tracts available for Halloween that are fun and kid-friendly while having a clear message about how to be saved from sin.  They talk about the need for a Savior and how a child can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

If you are hesitant about handing out a tract, a great option is to include a tract inside a small ziploc bag of candy.  This way the tract will not end up on the ground and can be found later when the child is going through her loot. She will come across the tract and perhaps read it or save it for later.

This opportunity only comes knocking once a year.  We have a good selection of Halloween tracts and would love to help you reach out to kids this Halloween.  You can browse our tract selection on our webstore: Halloween Tracts

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