Book Preview: This is an excerpt from the book 31 Days at Bethlehem’s Treasure (Vol.2) written by Shane Johnson.

A great devotional to pick up in December!

December 28 – Night

“Then David the king stood up upon his feet, and said,
Hear me, my brethren, and my people: As for me, I
had in mine heart to build an house of rest for the ark
of the covenant of the Lord, and for the footstool of
our God, and had made ready for the building.”
1 Chronicles 28:2

What should be the attitude of our heart heading into the New Year? May I suggest we adopt the same attitude
as our spiritual father David, who had it in his heart to do something for the God he so loved? Many may have plans
for their finances, their homes or vocations in the coming year, but who among us has planned it in his heart to do
something big for God?

David had big plans for God. After having spent twenty or more years running around the Judean countryside trying to escape the fierce jealousy of Saul, after spending another half a dozen years consolidating the kingdom after Saul’s demise and defending it from imposters to the throne, David did not take up the easy life. He certainly could have. But instead he took up a new project for God and began making preparations for the Temple.

When David’s persecutions were over, when all the running and fighting was done and God had given him rest from
all his enemies, what did David do? Did he relax and enjoy the newly established peace of his kingdom? Did he take a
long sunny vacation or pursue some hobby like hunting or fishing? No, as soon as David’s trials were over, he immediately began the work of building the Temple of God. In one sense, David had already done enough. God had called him to be a king, and that promise, twenty years later, had come to pass. To sit on the throne of Israel was a major accomplishment of faith in and of itself. If anyone had a “right” to sit around and take it easy, it was David.

Even though David was not allowed to build the Temple (for that honour was to be given to his son, Solomon), he
still did not stop making preparations for the building of the Temple. Some of us may be called to be missionaries in
foreign lands. Some of us may be called to be shepherds of churches. Some may be called to be teachers. But that should not stop each and every one of us from making preparations to do the same. Study the Word of God as if you were going to be a teacher or preacher. Sanctify yourself, above  reproach, as if you were called to be a shepherd of the flock. And dedicate yourself with all your heart, soul and mind, as if you were going to leave your homeland to be a missionary in a foreign field in the coming year.

Be ready and prepared for what God may call you to do. Seek to live on a higher plane with God. Live simply, and be
ready to relinquish all you own in order to live as a missionary in a foreign land. Be eager, like David, to do something
great for God, not to make a name for ourselves, but to see His name exalted and honoured among the nations.

Build a temple, for God, build a tower,
Each day yield, a brick, a mortared hour
That all who see, the Temple, see
We serve with all our mind, love, power.

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