Tuesday, January 9, 2018

DAILY?READINGS: Gen. 11:27 -12:20; Job 15:1-35; Matt. 7:7-29

Now will I praise the Lord. Genesis 29:35

Leah had already borne three sons for Jacob and upon the arrival of each one she hoped for a turnaround in his affection for her. “Now he will love me.” But upon the birth of Judah, Leah’s attention was drawn away from self and from thinking about “what this child will do for me.” She stopped considering her own problems and instead fixed her attention on God. Likewise, we ought to abandon self and be taken up with the Lion of Judah so that we too may praise the Lord! —Jeff Frey

Trust in the Lord, O troubled soul,
Rest in the arms of His care;
Whatever your lot, it mattereth not,
For nothing can trouble you there. —T. O. Chisholm

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